What Parents say about us


My wife and I were looking for a bilingual pre-school. We did a lot of research and visited a lot of schools. During our initial visit, to NCA our daughter was allowed to sit in on a class and immediately participate. She loves to learn and even though she was a little shy, she was immediately welcomed by the teachers and the students. Signing her up was an easy choice. She’s been attending for six months now and she really enjoys it. Her Chinese has gotten better each day, and she is excelling in her math and reading skills. She shocked me one day during our nighttime book reading by telling me she wanted to read the book to me, and she did. I highly recommended NCA for the curriculum and the opportunity of exposing your child to another culture. And the best part is picking her up each day from school, seeing a huge smile on her face and listening to what new words she learned on the drive home.                                                                                                                                                       — John  

Our daughter has attended NCA for about 8 months. I cannot imagine sending her anywhere else. She went to a couple daycares shortly before NCA and she was constantly sick and cried at every drop off, she wasn’t making any noticeable gains. She cried the first time at NCA and never again since. She absolutely loves school. Our family does not speak Mandarin, yet after only these few months she can count to 10, recite serval poems, and have simple exchanges with her teachers. She is not yet 3 and knows all her Alphabet, most of the letter sounds and her 1-to-1 correspondence up to 10. She is tracing and beginning to write letters. The staff is amazing and professional, the school is clean and not only do children learn a lot they are carefully attend to and well cared for. Lessons are well crafted and include lots creative play as well. I could go on but maybe go see for yourself’

 — Jordan Foldes

Friendly staff and a great place/environment for the kids to learn and play. It’s been 5+ months since my daughter has been attending – my 3 years old has learned a lot and had so much fun, not to mention friends she has made that he talks about every day.
I am glad that we made the choice of enrolling my kid in this school, thanks NCA for taking care of my daughter.
Highly recommended!

— Raymond Jiang

I don’t usually leave feedbacks but this school and all staff deserve more than 5 stars, if I can put 20 stars I would. My daughter changed a lot in a good way, she knows how to say a lot of things in chinese, she expresses herself better, she is always excited to go to school. They always make sure she is doing good. What really caught my attention and I knew my daughter was in good hands is when her teacher asked me “how my daughter is doing at home? How my daughter is eating at home? How is she sleeping?” That shows their humanity and not just a school that will watch your kids and take your money. They update you all the time on the app, they are quick to respond back to you, they make sure to always translate from chinese to English. Also they are strict about the safety of the kids, no one enter the facility without authorization, they also follow the CDC guideline for a healthy environment for our kids. I highly recommend this school. Thank you baby’s Univesity for your hard work and your humanity

— Dallal Kira Rebiai