Henderson Campus is Open, please call to schedule a tour.

Our New Campus is New Open. We feature a holistic and engaging program and a creatively designed curriculum that comprises fun activity-based and thematic learning that optimises early childhood development. In line with the latest curriculum guidelines given by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), it focuses on the development of thinking skills and multipleSprache […]

Health is our top priority. Quality you can trust.

Preschools Las Vegas

Health is our top priority. Quality you can trust. NCA Bilingual Preschool is a full-day immersion preschool program for 3 to 5 year old children who are ready for independent learning. Provide your young global citizen an opportunity to get a head start on two of the most spoken languages in the world by learning […]

Personalized and enriched environment where children learn with joy

We are open… Every day we provide a caring, personalized and enriched environment where children learn with joy. And because our children explore, create and contribute to their community, they develop a foundation of skills and character that lead to fulfilling lives of purpose. Contact us to know more! Summer Camps Las Vegas, Child Care […]

NCA Bilingual Preschool Las Vegas – Summer Camps 2020

Summer Camp 2020 from Baby University that give your kids the best experience they deserve! Fun Exciting Learning Environment. Interactive learning and Group activities. 100% clean, healthy and safe! Thoroughly disinfected before school starts. Admission open…Enroll now. Contact us to know more! 6000 W Oakey, Las Vegas, NV 89146 USA Phone : (702) 482-0186

Best Bilingual School – Baby University

Do you want your children to grow and develop, and excel in academics? Baby University is the perfect school for them! We provide a multicultural and bilingual learning environment for them, where they are given multiple opportunities to improve their talents and become successful. Contact us to know more!6000 W Oakey, Las Vegas, NV 89146Phone […]

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