Health & Safety First

Since opening the first Baby University NCA Private Schools at Las Vegas in 1996, the health and safety of children and staff have always been the priority. We hold each school to high standards of safety and cleanliness while maintaining a caring and nurturing environment where children can thrive.

Existing Health & Safety Practices

Schools continue to follow our existing stringent health and safety protocols, including:

Requiring any children or staff with respiratory illness symptoms or fever to return home and stay home until fever-free for at least 24 hours
Frequent disinfecting and sanitizing of high-touch toys and surfaces
Frequent handwashing by children and staff, which is embedded in our curriculum and daily staff protocols
Training teachers on common signs of illness in children, and placing signage in every classroom to keep signs of illness top of mind
For older children, individual cots and blankets are provided for each child and laundered weekly
Continuous health & safety training including first aid and CPR certification
Maintaining an up-to-date and customized Safe School Plan
ensuring lower teacher-student classroom ratios

Enhanced Health & Safety Practices

Schools have implemented enhanced procedures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and are frequently communicating with families and staff to convey the enhanced measures in place within their school.

Depending on the circumstances and guidance by local and state officials, enhanced procedures above normal health and safety protocols may include: 

1. Enter the building to current team members and enrolled families only
2. Further reducing student-to-teacher ratios and eliminating combining children from different classrooms
3. Temperature checks for children and staff
4. Touchless check-in
5. External drop-off and pick-up of children
6. Increased frequency of hand washing
7. Increased sanitation of frequently touched surfaces and toys
8. Limiting use of playground equipment to one classroom at a time and disinfecting playground equipment before and after each use