THE HISTORY OF Baby University NCA Private School las vegas

Who We Are

We are an academically invigorating Nursery-through-Grade-12 independent private school.

We take education and nurture carefully, and guide them step by step to become a global leader.

We are inspired by expert teachers and administrators, fueled by an innovative curriculum, that shapes independent thinkers and energetic citizens. Through our abiding belief in the combined power of intellect and kindness, our students see themselves in personal as well as community contexts—fostering genuine creativity, purposeful action, and enduring friendship. We graduate our students as caring, perceptive, and engaged thinkers, fully prepared for top universities. Equally important, they step forth with the intellectual and personal fortitude to embrace—and enhance—a world of accelerating change. 

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Why Bilingual? Whole Brain Development


Baby University Private Preschoolʼs curriculum is designed to build on this natural curiosity and to channel the enthusiasm into a lifelong love for learning, discovery,  and understanding. Throughout all of our classes, our students are exposed to an integrated curriculum through which they develop a strong foundation of basic
academic skills, as well as a vast range of knowledge.
Children are not just learning a language, but rather living in it. Being Bilingual helps to stimulate brain neurons and develop multiple brain areas to
make the brain fully function.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”

Preschools Las Vegas


Preschools Las Vegas


Preschools Las Vegas


Preschools Las Vegas


Preschools Las Vegas


Preschools Las Vegas


Preschools Las Vegas


Preschools Las Vegas



 No, your children don’t need to be potty trained. Our experienced teachers will help to potty train your child.

 Yes, if you work with us together.

School will send you pictures, daily comments, and videos to your phone through an app so you are able to keep track of what their daily learning and activities are.

  1. Bring your child to school – The First Day and Beyond

Prior to drop-off, please let your child know that you will not be going into the classroom with him or her. He or she will play with his friends, do activities, and play outside. Then you will come to pick him up. 

  1. Clothing

Dress your child in washable play clothes that are easily handled by them, especially in the bathroom. 

Tennis shoes or closed toe shoes are preferable because they provide more support for playground activity. Shoes with slick soles, thongs, and long skirts are discouraged as they interfere with running and climbing. 

Since outdoor play is included in your child’s daily routine, please ensure that your child has a sweater on cool days and a warm coat during the winter months. Knit shorts under skirts/ dresses also provide an additional layer of protection from cold play equipment. 

  1. Label Everything

Please label all clothes with your child’s first and last name. Outerwear and sweaters should be marked with your child’s name, along with their boots, hats, gloves, scarves, and other accessories. Do not send umbrellas to school—they are a safety hazard.

Preparing for Separation

Forming strong attachments is one of the primary building blocks of emotional health. Many believe it is the foundation for all further positive growth. On the flip side, separation is not easy. Going to daycare or preschool is a big step for a small child and for parents. 

The most important thing parents can do is to project a feeling of calm and confidence (even though they may be feeling shaky as well). This calm exterior reassures your child, even if s/he is upset at first, that their new environment is safe and welcome. 

During the first few weeks of school, don’t be disturbed if your child: 

  • is shy and clings to you 
  • doesn’t play with other children as well as s/he usually does 
  • tires easily and cries more often than usual 
  • resists using the school bathroom and/or has accidents 
  • doesn’t talk much about what happened at school 
  • doesn’t want to go to school 

Many children will continue to “fuss” at drop-off time, even though they play quite happily as soon as the parent or nanny has left. These are all symptoms of tension over a new situation. They often disappear as your child becomes used to the classroom routines, other children, and their teachers. 

Remember, a more relaxed parent makes for a more relaxed child

Keep in mind that although your presence is reassuring to your child, they cannot start coping and adjusting to their new situation until you leave. If needed, your child’s teacher will work with you to determine the best adjusting style for your child. 

The “fussing” is almost always ends by the time parents reach their cars. If you remain concerned, feel free to call the school at any time to check in on your child. Sometimes we see ‘fourth-day-itis’, which is the type of behavior associated with the first day’s separation, but doesn’t show up until a few days (or weeks) later. Let us know if you see such symptoms. 

Provider:  Campus Club Uniforms – South  

Address: 7575 West Sunset Road 120 Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

Phone:    (702) 360-0555


School Name:Baby University

 School Code:1035


  • Make sure they are well rested. 
  • Allow time for their personal routine, a good breakfast, and a pleasant ride to school. 
  • Have a cheerful, positive attitude as your child leaves you (whether at school or at home). 
  • Let your child stand and watch, knowing that observation is one way of participating. 
  • Don’t pressure your child to produce ‘take-home’ projects. 
  • Encourage your child to talk about school by asking specific questions such as: “What color did you paint with today?” “What was snack today?” “Who did you play with?”
  • Inform the teacher if there is something going on at home that may be affecting your child’s disposition in the classroom. 



Company Timeline

Company Profile
For more than 24 years, we’ve been passionate about using the most recent research-based educational methods for our students and prepare them to embrace this rapidly changing world. 
Our goal is to ensure that every child we educate is happy and confident and becomes an active learner. We provide our students with appropriate and balanced academic challenges to ensure that they achieve their unique potential in a positive environment.


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